BLOG Submission Guidelines

Submissions welcomed! Here are the guidelines.

1.  The Story of Me (SOM) will publish original pieces in English from women (SOM participants or followers of the SOM social media handles). 

2.     The written work can be in the form of poetry, prose, musings or even a short story.

3.     The intent is to provide a non-judgemental space to express themselves. 

4.     Contributors are requested to keep the interest of the women community in mind while sending their pieces in. 

5.   Use of swear words or remarks that degrade any section/ group of the society are not permitted. We hope the writing is positive and uplifting. 

6. Story of Me has the right to reject pieces that do not comply to the the guidelines.

7. Your submission can be as short as you want but please don’t submit work that is more than 500 words.

 8. The pieces will be published periodically on our blog and on our social media pages. The pieces may be edited (if needed).


So, find your quiet spot and glide along the path of your feelings, and see what magic comes out in black and white. Send your entries to

   C’mmon ladies, let it go!

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