Where Does it Begin

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

String along your dreams,

Weave them in to today,

Life is but a sum of moments,

Dreams are but a manifestation

Of deep desires and thoughts

Where do they come from…

Remains a mystery.

Channelising can give a flow,

You don’t need to know, where to go!

Just plunge in and submerge yourself

In to whatever and whereverthe deep

Recesses of your mind, body and soul

Take you.

Words, words, words?

So, quite the chatter and dive in

It’s all cool, all correct, all perfect

Experience the magic

It’s where the journey truly begins!

– By Jaimini

#myvoice #storyofme

You can read all the posts here. My Voice is a platform for women writers from SOM to express themselves. We welcome submissions. Please read the guidelines.

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