What exactly is Story of Me?

The Story of Me (SOM) is a life coaching programme, which helps women to be the best versions of themselves. The programme uses proven techniques and structured facilitation. It draws from positive psychology, narrative therapy and applied neuroscience. Though beneficial for everyone, SOM is especially ideal for those who are currently exploring options, are feeling stuck or are simply looking for new inspiration. The programme consists of a full day workshop, regular check-ins and a community. It originated in Singapore and has been running successfully for the past 1 year.

The Story of Me is conducted in a small, intimate group where the facilitators bring in insights, exercises and reflection. There is “sharing” – in a way that allows the participants to learn from each other, be motivated from each other and yet preserve their confidentiality. The programme includes:

* One day of facilitated sessions (includes group & individual sessions)

2 check-ins for support and monitoring progress

Who is it for?

Story of Me Programme is for anyone who is interested in self-development, whether you are a chef, entrepreneur, educator, artist, homemaker, caregiver or anyone else. Currently, this programme is only for women.

This workshop is ideal for women who:
* Want to explore new avenues and new purpose
* Want to gain clarity on what’s holding them back
* Want to get back their mojo 
* Want to rediscover themselves & feel energized 
* Want to lead a happier & better life

Why Story of Me ?

Over the course of many roles, responsibilities, and experiences, our inner self gets buried under the labels given to us by the others. This workshop helps us to re-polish our dreams, to rediscover our mojo and to ensure that we emerge with workable goals.  

As women, we can all do amazing things when we encourage and support each other. The Story of Me endorses this spirit of women supporting women and a circle of support gets created naturally by just being a participant. Further, there are updates and check-ins in the next 6 months to continue the positive motivation. 

The “story” construct is a very simple, intuitive pathway which our brains understand completely. We have multiple stories playing in our lives at any point of time and we repeat patterns. Since we are juggling constantly to move forward with them, we need to not only understand these stories but also to navigate them. Subtle shifts in understanding can spark many profound changes. SOM offers the pause needed to have this important conversation with yourself. This workshop brings self-awareness and enables the needed, in a simple, uplifting, and easy to experience format.

What if I don’t want to share my Story?

We honour your safe inner world. Every person has a “inner self” and a “safe boundary” which she wants to and needs to preserve in order to function efficiently. In keeping with that, we have designed the workshop such that the inner boundary is preserved but the group energy lifts everyone.

What is the practical utility of the workshop?

First, the participants understand what exactly is meant by the “stories in which we live” by exploring the one that comes up for each of the participants.

Secondly, we exit with workable goals after we have understood our story

Thirdly, we use this opportunity to understand our own story in the context of others, get ideas and encouragement and also in turn, support others.

Fourth, we create a community that is enabling and never imposing, with regular check-ins

It is entirely voluntary but the structure is there to help participants.

Creating community …what do you mean ?

A support structure is an integral part of the workshop. We meet every 3 months to do check-ins on our goals. Goals can change. That is normal. But we are always there to support what is emerging. 

Do I have to be a writer ?

Story of me is not a story writing or a memoir writing workshop. It uses the construct/pattern of a story to get the participants to realize their inner story and the nuances of it. What is supporting them and what is getting in the way.

Do I have to prepare ?

No preparation is needed. Just participate with an open mind.

What is SOM? Watch our explanatory video

I would like to contribute to the Story of Me blog. How do I go about it?

Story of Me blog celebrates and encourages written expressions. You can read the submission guidelines here