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Then they asked us to dream,

Write it on a paper

And post it on a wall.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be big, you know,” said one.

“It could be anything that comes to your heart”, guided the other.

“Don’t think much, just put it there, however dreamy or unrealistic or funny it may look.”

Sounded comfortable. Doable.

So came the first

Then another

and yet another –

And those few happy notes

Adorned the wall.

“Can we have more than one?” asked one enthusiastic voice.

“Of course!

As many you want,

any size you desire,

any colour you wish…

go ahead please”.

This sounded so pleasant.

And smiles beamed around.

And in no time

Came a newer one

Then another

and yet another –

And adhering to one another

those dreamy notes

became a colourful soirée on the wall.




Out there for everyone to read.

Out there as a group share.

Relatable. All relatable.

One like the other, honest, bare.

And while we talked and reflected about life,

Something magical happened.

Many of those notes turned to birds

And beautiful tunes they hummed.

A few became fluorescent sails on boats

And off to distant lands they turned.

But some remained there for us to see

Fluttering on the branches of a wishing tree.

– Sandhya Thakkar​

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(You can read the individual blog here. My Voice is a platform for women writers from SOM to express themselves. Please read the guidelines for submissions)


Where does it Begin

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String along your dreams,

Weave them in to today,

Life is but a sum of moments,

Dreams are but a manifestation

Of deep desires and thoughts

Where do they come from…

Remains a mystery.

Chenelising can give a flow,

You don’t need to know, where to go!

Just plunge in and submerge yourself

In to whatever and whereverthe deep

Recesses of your mind, body and soul

Take you.

Words, words, words?

So, quite the chatter and dive in

It’s all cool, all correct, all perfect

Experience the magic

It’s where the journey truly begins!

-by Jaimini

(You can read the individual blog here. My Voice is a platform for women writers from SOM to express themselves. Please read the guidelines for submissions)